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Who is Brett Wright?

Brett Wright was a serving Police Officer with the NSW Police Force for 15 years.
He spent the majority of his time as a frontline officer where he saw and dealt with the worst that humanity has to offer. During his career, Brett was awarded the Jim Affleck trophy for bravery and the Commissioner’s Commendation for Courage. He was twice a finalist for Police Officer of the Year from the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce.
Brett left the Police in October 2016 and began writing from the day he left. When not writing Brett spends his time hiking, taking part in running events, travelling and enjoying his favourite sport, Rugby League.

Brett Wright author Ultimate Price

Brett Wright has written this amazing documentary on the deaths of Australian police officers who died in the line of duty.

They perished at the hands of some of the most violent criminals Australia has ever seen. A tribute, a history worthy of a wide readership



Four strangers set out on a journey into central West Papua New Guinea, planning to go their separate ways once the small plane lands.

Brett Wright author The Jungle Deep

The Jungle Deep is the long-awaited sequel to Paradise.


Brett Wright author Encounters with the Spirit World

Encounters with Spirit World contains many never-before-documented reports of peoples’ encounters with those who have left this life and gone to the next.


Why I Wrote Ultimate Price.

To honour and remember the hundreds of Police Officers who have given their lives in protecting the people of Australia since the birth of that great nation.

What the readers say about Ultimate Price

“It is a great measure of respect that you have written this book”.

M. Richardson
Nelson Bay, NSW

“A beautifully written tribute to the men and women in the book”.

G. Hancock
Cronulla, NSW

“Enjoying the read. Well done to Brett”.

D. Clarke
Shellharbour, NSW

“I’ve read Ultimate Price, must say very interesting, I loved it.”
D. Williams
Madurah, WA

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“Truly interesting historical account of so many tragic events. Ultimate Price is a fitting memorial in it’s own right to the Police who have lost their lives protecting the community, as well as a well written engaging read”.

C. Taylor
Brisbane, QLD

“Bibliography is good, probably most descriptive Honour Roll…in one compilation. That alone makes it worthwhile”.

True Blue Line

“Well written and very engaging. The research speaks for itself. An important document for our proud history”.

C. Hodgson
Sydney, NSW

“Really enjoyed Ultimate Price. Had no idea so many police have lost their lives. Very glad I read it”.

Paul Hepworth
Brunbury, WA

“Kudos to you for writing this book Brett Wright. Such a tough and sad topic… but so well written and have to say it is a very engaging book to read… I have family in the police and this book certainly helped me understand a bit of what they face and live with”.

K. Small
Holbrook, NSW

“I have a pretty big collection of Policing books and was chuffed when I found this one on Australian cops. Great book!!”

L. Warren
Broadmeadows, Victoria

“Its a very good book and the Roll of Honour is very detailed. Recommended for anyone interested in police history or Australian history”.

V. Spears
Perth, WA

“It was an interesting read as I remember a lot of the events quite clearly…..It is an interesting book”.

J. Thompson
Palm Cove. Queensland

What the readers say about Paradise

“Talk about a nail biting not puttable down story! Well done Brett! Can’t wait for your next book.”

B. Weldon
Gold Coast, QLD

“Fast-paced action throughout along with a truly enjoyable storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

T. Dimovski
Parap, NT

“A writing style somewhere between Cornwell and Smith, very descriptive and full of action”.

B. Worthington

Dickson, ACT

“… I loved your book Paradise, good stuff!!!!”

Mark G.

“I have read Paradise. Great read loved it.”

Peer L.
Flinders, NSW

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“I have to tell you it’s a very readable book…when a reader worries about the people in the book, you know it’s a winner….very well written…Paradise is a very good read. I did enjoy it. A real page turner.”

R. Capria

“Could not put Paradise down. Read it in four days. A real escapist adventure.”

J. Smyth
Sydney, NSW

“Paradise is fantastic, one of the best books I have ever read…..Can’t wait for your next one….It truly is a great read. Really enjoyable.,,,Should be a best seller.”

V. Shipley
Wollongong, NSW

“Was really good. Definitely kept the story flowing and exciting. Well done”.

D. Banks
Shoalhaven, NSW

“Absolutely loved Paradise.”

J. Debono
Melbourne, Victoria

“Paradise.” Fantastic plot.. great read. Definitely worth the bye. Highly recommended”.

R. Cook
Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Finished reading Paradise and would like to thank Brett for such a great read. I honestly didn’t think it would be my kind of book but I really enjoyed it. To say I felt every emotion you tried to convey would be very close to the truth. Great story line and delivery. Hope there are plans for a sequel.”

C. Veevers
Shellharbour, NSW

“Paradise is a really good story, thoroughly enjoyed it. Reminded me of my time in PNG… Totally unexpected and great plot twists. Very entertaining…”

C. Timms
Adelaide, South Australia

“Omg its so good. I can’t wait for the movie. OMG everyone should totally read this book, it kept me on the edge of my sunbed for days. Loved it. Brett Congratulations on a great book.”

Terrey Hills, NSW

“Just read Paradise and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

L. Russell
Cowes, Victoria

What the readers say about The Jungle Deep

“At last. The sequel…I wasn’t disappointed!”

David W.
Port Adelaide, SA

“Just finished The Jungle Deep. Another awesome read!… well done Brett a great read!… Loved it.”

Bec C.
Coffs Harbour, NSW

“I really enjoyed The Jungle Deep.”

Ann S.
Flinders, NSW

“I really enjoyed The Jungle Deep. Your a damn good writer Brett Wright. Good on you.”

Ron S.
Moorebank, NSW

“What a great escapist adventure story. A real page turner. And the historic note at the back on the Balibo 5 was very good too. More than just a work of fiction this book is a must read.”

Paul A.

“…it was a great story that brought the jungle and animals alive to me. A terrific exciting story… The Jungle Deep.”

Nora L.
St Kilda, Victoria

“Loved Jungle Deep Brett Wright.”

Ned N.
Townsville, Qld

“Really enjoyed it what a great book.”

Taylor W.
Central Coast, NSW

“…finished Jungle Deep as well now, loved it!”

Mark G.

“I just read Paradise…Great Book…got my attention and kept me reading. Highly recommended. Started The Jungle Deep, also a great book. Gets you in. I’m not sure if it’s fiction or a true account. It’s bloody good. I have heard vaguely about the goings on in East Timor. But like so many people… in one ear and out the other and just something that occurred far away and don’t give it another thought.
Dare I say your a brave man tackling some…well interesting topics. Love the comments on PC…”

Peer. L
Flinders, NSW






What the readers say about Encounters with the Spirit World

“It’s really good but it scared me. Thinking of all the spirits that could be around. But I loved it.”
S. Smith, Flinders, NSW

“It’s a great read. Lots of stories I haven’t heard before.”
L. Schneider, Tallong, NSW

“It’s a wonderful book.”
J. Smyth, Sydney, NSW

“Totally loving…Encounters… Thank you for the spine thrilling read…”
K. Corner, Melbourne, Victoria

“This was a great read. I especially enjoyed the chapter on Near Death Experiences.”
L. Emmet, Sutherland, NSW


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“I have Brett’s book and what I’ve read so far, It’s very interesting, sad, heart breaking. The insight is great.”
S. Squires, NSW

“Loved it.’
L. Hay, Wagga Wagga, NSW

“It’s another great read….well done.”
P. Whitfield, Kalgoorlie, WA

“Great book. You certainly have me thinking.”
C. Veevers, Horsley, NSW

“Loved Encounters. For anyone interested in the paranormal this is a must read”.
C. Timms, Adelaide, SA

“A very good book, so glad I found it. Brett Wright’s own experiences are so interesting and inspirational…I got so much from this.”
T. Phillips, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

“Ordered it through the author website link and got it 5 days later so not bad for overseas ordering… Especially liked the story on Larnach Castle and the old hospital.”
M. Tuapou, Duneden, NZ

“The writing style is relaxed and easy to read which is good for me. The variety of topics covered in Encounters With The Spirit World surprised me. Some stories I knew of but most I didn’t. My daughter gave it to me after she read it and I wasn’t going to read it because its not really my thing but I did and real glad I did. Its opened my eyes and startled me a bit too.”
P. Arthur, Oldbury, WA

“I hope there is a sequel… It’s certainly a page-turner.”
C. Le Breton, Leura. NSW

“Couldn’t put it down…a really great read…well documented and credible.”
D. Walters, Port Adelaide, SA

“I did enjoy it a very good read.”
K. Corner, Melbourne, Victoria

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