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I thought I would share a moment of pure bravery from NSW Police Constable, Samuel Nelson.

On the 26th of January, 1865, Constable Nelson, who was stationed in the town of Collector, NSW, was approached and made aware the notoriously dangerous Hall gang had entered the town and were robbing the Kimberley Inn.

The Hall gang had shot dead Police Sergeant Edmund Parry the previous year.

Constable Nelson was the only Police officer in the town at the time.

Despite the danger, Constable Nelson picked up his service firearm and turned to his wife saying, “I shall have to do my best.”

He then made his way towards the Kimberley Inn.

His words were not those of a man who thought himself invincible, they were not the words of one who thought himself a hero. They were the words of a man who believed he was possibly going to his death.

They were the words of a man who knew his own mortality and shortcomings however his sense of duty, of protecting his community and upholding what is right forced him to leave his wife and nine young children to try and stop the crime being committed.

Constable Samuel Nelson was shot twice by a member of the Hall gang and died a short distance from the Kimberly Inn just before 6pm. His body was then robbed by the gang.

His words to his wife, the last words he spoke to her, “I shall have to do my best.” ring in my thoughts and speak of a man of great character and loyalty.

The three members of the Hall gang then fled however all would meet their own violent deaths.

Constable Samuel Nelson did his best. He died doing his duty. He gave his life protecting his community.

Constable Samuel Nelson pushed himself past any fears he felt and paid the Ultimate Price. He was truly a brave man.