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The Jungle Deep – registered mail in Australia


The Jungle Deep is the sequel to Paradise.



Ethan Garrick is living an idyllic life in Cairns, Australia, with his wife Julie. He is content in his new role with the Australian Federal Police however on a sporting trip to Canberra he is approached by the mysterious ASIO officer, Myles Petterson, who blackmails Ethan, forcing him to leave behind his happy life and return to the steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea with a specialist team to discover once and for all what is really happening to the people of West Papua.
The team enlist the help of a father and son team of Papuan’s to convey them up the mighty Sepik River towards West Papua however things quickly go wrong when they encounter District Native Affairs Officer Solomon Amian on the muddy banks of the Sepik at Bowami Mission, forcing the team from their carefully laid plans and setting them on a collision course with the corrupt Kekuatan Company, jungle battles, death and revenge.


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