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Advance Australia Fair has been the Australian national anthem since it replaced God Save The Queen in 1984.

It is perhaps now time to make a very slight change to the anthem that would make an enormous difference to many Australians.

Aboriginal people have occupied Australian since their migration from Asia between 45,000 and 50,000 years ago. And the line in the Australian anthem, “we are young and free”, is understandably an issue for many aboriginal people. The problem being the word, ‘young’.

We can argue modern Australia was born in 1788 with the arrival of the First Fleet, some 232 years ago. We have since seen many generations of Australians who have strived to make Australia the wonderful country it is today.

However we are not a ‘young’ country and if we want the anthem to represent all Australians, changing that one word, ‘young’, needs to be seriously looked at.

The proposal by some is to change the word, ‘young’, to ‘strong’, thus, “we are strong and free”.

I wholeheartedly support this change. Here is why.

The word, ‘young’, simply does not represent aboriginal Australian’s. How can we as a nation expect Australian’s with aboriginal ancestry to identify with an anthem that ignores their history. It is an unfair expectation to believe aboriginal Australian’s should embrace an anthem that ignores their history.

And modern Australia has a proud history of supporting and defending what is fair.

The word, ‘young’, also, I feel does not represent modern Australia in a true sense. The word, ‘young’, in my mind, paints a picture of an immature, almost childish people that gaze upon the world with blissful but dangerous ignorance.

And this image does not stand with the facts of where Australia is, not only in the people’s thoughts, but on the world stage.

Australian’s have an incredibly proud history, militarily, sporting, in aid giving and defending what is morally right. Therefore changing that one word, ‘young’, to ‘strong’, is far better representative of all Australian’s and our combined proud history.

Strong is what we are as a nation. ‘Strong’ represents all Australian’s. Strong unites us.

So it is my belief we should change that one word in our national anthem to make for a more honest and proud anthem for all Australian’s to unite under.

For we are strong and free.